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Happy New Year!


January - Seasonal Food - In January you will find the finest quality of prime white fish to compliment hearty root vegetables. Its a great time to make the most of root vegetables like swede & parsnips in warming stews & casseroles followed by a steaming bowl of forced rhubarb crumble. You will also see an abundance of sweet winter fruits such as

oranges & pomegranates.


Gone almost as soon as they arrive, the Seville orange season runs from the end of December through to mid February . Luckily these knobbly-skinned marvels can be enjoyed year round as they freeze well whole, so when  you see them take the chance to stock up on them.

 If you are a marmalade fan now is the time 

to stock up your shelves  with

delicious home made

Seville Orange Marmalade.

Our first batch of Rhubarb has arrived, this has to be considered

a Yorkshire delicacy . Rhubarb is a good source of antioxidants ,

vitamins K &  C, Iron, manganese & fibre. Its sour taste makes

it a perfect ingredient in jams, crumbles & pies.

British Mussels are at their most succulent and plentiful in the chilly winter months. Mussel recipes are quick, easy and delicious.

Steam them with fennel, garlic, parsley & white wine, 

add to a Thai red curry or with saffron  & spinach.

There are stacks of mussel recipes to try for a tasty winter seafood supper.

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