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Home Deliveries & Order Collection

Due to current high demand-we ask you kindly to email your orders if you can. This will save our busy staff some precious time x

If you are able to -  shop with us at Snape or at one of our market stalls.

We do however appreciate that this may not be an option for some of you -

DO NOT WORRY  we will accommodate and deliver to you.

Please bear in mind when shopping at our stores that customers are required to respect Physical Distancing and that we have restricted the amount of persons whom can attend the shop at any one time. When shopping do make use of hand sanitiser before using baskets/ shopping. And make a contactless transaction if you can. Please read our signs, thank you.

Over the course of the coming weeks it is our intention to continue building on this page to give you the best information  we can with regards what we can supply to you. We do have a large product base -but we are unsure of the supply of certain lines due to the current situation. We do apologies if some supplies are a bit hit & miss, we are all finding our new normal!! We do however feel confident that you will be pleased with the service that we are able to offer to you. With each & every passing day we will endeavour to help you the best we can with whatever you require.

Delivery Days:

Tuesday: Bedale & Northallerton and surrounding villages

Wednesday: Leyburn and surrounding villages

Thursday: Richmond  and surrounding villages

Friday: Ripon and surrounding villages

Saturday: Collect from Snape/ Richmond Market - Limited Availability 

Please keep checking for updates to delivery days.

Orders are required one week in advance of delivery. We will call  you on the day before delivery to arrange payment of your order. Deliveries will be made  to you free of charge. It would be appreciated  where possible if villagers/ neighbours team up & placed orders together. This will assist us in helping us to deliver the best service we can and to as many persons as we can.

Please let us know if you have any specific information with regards where you would like your order leaving. Our delivery driver will not make direct contact with you. 

If you are able to then please collect your order from our shop at Snape or from one of our market stalls. Again please place your order the week prior to requiring it -  pay & pick up. We will have your order ready & place it directly into the back of your car.

By collecting your order you will be supporting us to help others who are unable to leave their homes.


Now Available Freshly Picked Local Asparagus


Most of you will already know that we supply a full range of fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, salads, fresh fish, seafood and many frozen fish products such as fish cakes, fish pies, prawns, fish fingers, coquille St Jacques, salmon en croute, cod & haddock fillets......

We also  stock an extensive range of other fresh, frozen and ambient product too (cakes, bread, wines, preserves, sauces, pasta, pies, cooked ham, bacon, biscuits, milk, eggs, dairy......).

Keep browsing to get an idea of what we can supply to you!

Fresh Fish, Fruit & Vegetables

Dairy Products


Biscuits Sweet & Savory

Fresh Produce


Deserts & Cakes

Sweets & Treats

Sauces & Stocks

Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Wine etc



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