Christmas with Carrick's

At Carrick's we are always happy to help you with your Christmas meal planning & entertaining. If you require any assistance then please feel free to contact us at any time. We appreciate the early receipt of orders over the Christmas period. This is a great help enabling us to fulfil  our customer requirements the best we can at this busy time of year.

Christmas Mail Order last Orders by - Monday 9th December

Christmas Mail Order last Despatch - Wed 18th & Thur 19th December

Carrick's Oak Smoked Salmon Orders by - Monday 9th December

New Year Orders by - Saturday 21st December

Carrick's  Traditionally Home Cured  & Oak Smoked

 Fresh Scottish Salmon

All of the fresh Salmon that we cure & smoke at Snape is sourced from Extraordinary Scottish Salmon in North West Scotland where fish welfare is optimised and the use of growth promoters and antibiotics are never used and never will be used. In order to maximise the benefits of eating Salmon, it makes sense to choose a

high quality product.

The fresh Salmon fillets are carefully and traditionally prepared before being Oak smoked , this is a process that is carefully monitored & maintained to ensure that the delicious, delicate and luscious flavours of the Salmon develop.

Frozen Salmon Fillets 10 Portions £22


Christmas Brochure & Special Offers 

Local Deliveries Available From Monday December 16th

Minimum Order £40

Inside Our Especially Fine Food Shop

Especially Fine Food Shop
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
Fresh Bread
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables
Fresh Lobster & Shellfish
Local Honey, Honey Comb, Raw Honey.
Our Own Smoked Fish
Fudge & Sweet Treats
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Christmas Markets & Shop Opening Times


Tuesday 17th December - Bedale Market (Fish, Fruit & Veg)

Wednesday 18th December - Northallerton (Fish) & Barnard Castle (Fish, F & V)

Thursday 19th December - Ripon (Fish, Fruit & Veg)

Friday 20th December - Leyburn Market (Fish, Fruit & Veg)

Saturday 21st December - Richmond & Northallerton (Fish, Fruit & Veg)

Monday  23rd December - Leyburn  (Fish, Fruit & Veg) - TBC

Tuesday 24th December - Bedale (Fish, F & V), Richmond (F & V) & Northallerton (Fish)

Saturday 28th December - Richmond (Fruit & Veg),  Fish order collection by arrangement.

Friday 3rd January - Leyburn (Fish, Fruit &  Veg)

The collection of fish orders can be arranged at any of the markets that we attend with only the fruit & vegetable stall and vice verser.

Especially Fine Food Shop Opening:

Monday 16th December - Collection By Arrangement.

Tuesday 17th December - Open 8.30am to 4pm

Wednesday 18th December - Open 8.30am to 4pm

Thursday 19th December - Open 8.30am to 4pm

Friday 20th December - Open 8.30am to 4pm

Saturday 21st December -Open 8.00am to 4pm

Sunday 22nd December - Collection By Arrangment

Monday 23rd December - Open 8.00am to 4pm

Tuesday 24th December - Open 8.00am to 2pm

25th, 26th, 27th, 29th, 30th December & 1st January - Closed

Saturday 28th  December - Open 8.30am to 4pm

Monday 30th December - Collection By Arrangement

Tuesday  31st December - Open 8.30am to 2pm

Thursday 2nd January  - Open 8.30am - 4pm

Merry Christmas Feasting x

Carrick's Fish Ltd

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