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Carrick's  Traditionally Home Cured  & Oak Smoked
 Fresh Scottish Salmon

All of the fresh Salmon that we cure & smoke at Snape is sourced from Extraordinary Scottish Salmon in North West Scotland where fish welfare is optimised and the use of growth promoters and antibiotics are never used and never will be used. In order to maximise the benefits of eating Salmon, it makes sense to choose a

high quality product.

The fresh Salmon fillets are carefully and traditionally prepared before being Oak smoked , this is a process that is carefully monitored & maintained to ensure that the delicious, delicate and luscious flavours of the Salmon develop.

Christmas with Carrick's

At Carrick's we are always happy to help you with your Christmas meal planning & entertaining. If you require any assistance then please feel free to contact us at any time. We appreciate the early receipt of orders over the Christmas period. This is a great help enabling us to fulfil  our customer requirements the best we can at this busy time of year.
Christmas Mail Order last Orders by - Friday 9th December
Christmas Mail Order last Despatch - Thursday 15th December
Carrick's Oak Smoked Salmon Orders by - Saturday 17th December
New Year Orders by - Monday 19th December

Christmas Preview: Product

Christmas Brochure & Special Offers 

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