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1929 was a bleak year...

When Herbert Carrick (Bert) rode into Yorkshire on his motorcycle..........

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The Full Story

Carrick's Fish was established in 1929 by Herbert Thomas Carrick of Seaton Carew. 1929 was a bleak year and to have a job was a privileged position to be in. Bert was one of the unlucky ones, with no job and no dole. Aged 19 on a cold day late in 1929 he decided to leave home to find work, Bert knew that this would not be an easy task, but at least his Mother would have one less mouth to feed. Bert rode into North Yorkshire on his motorcycle, he had few clothes and little money. Bert managed to find shelter with some friends, in the hope of finding work, but jobs were scarce. He soon noticed that the grocer, the butcher, the green grocer and the hardware person all called at the cottage where he stayed. Something dawned on him, he noticed that nobody sold fish. Bert had an idea and fitted a clothes chest to his motorcycle, and inside he placed some tools. Bert collected fish for his new venture from the local railway station. He was now in business, a fully fledged fishmonger. Bert found selling door to door slow, and was hardly able to make a living. On his first day in business he only made one sale (a pound of cod), but Bert was determined and did not give up, he decided to try and sell fish in the local market towns. Bert based his business in Snape, near the market town of Bedale and that was where he decided to settle and marry Ena. Together they had three sons and a daughter. As soon as the children were capable they were helping out preparing herrings and scrubbing crabs in their small kitchen at Yew Tree House. Villagers would call at the house daily to fill their plates with Baked Herrings. Nearly 90 years later the business is still run from the same address by the third generation of the family. The family still supports the local markets with modern mobile units, selling a large selection of fresh fish and shellfish, much of which is delivered to them daily from the East coast.

Early in the 21st century the family renewed the premises where Bert began the business. These modern premises help provide a view of the future whilst not forgetting the family tradition of providing a friendly, quality service which Bert & son Peter based the business on for over 70 years.

For more than 60 years Carrick's have smoked fresh fish at Snape. With their new premises up and running in 2003 the third generation developed the smoked fish business, and with their hard work and dedication to family tradition they were soon named the Best in Yorkshire for their Award Winning Smoked Haddock. They then went onto win many more awards at the Great Taste Awards (the Oscars of the foodie world), for their smoked fish & shellfish. The most popular of their smoked products has always been their traditionally Oak Smoked Scottish Salmon. Carrick's only prepare this from the finest superior Salmon from the clear waters in NW Scotland. The Salmon is authentically cured and traditionally smoked using only untreated Oak chipping. The curing & smoking processes are carefully monitored to ensure a that a luscious & rich flavour develops. Carrick's strive to produce the best smoked fish that makes their products unique with memorable flavours.

After Bert had established the fish side of the business, later his son John started selling fruit & vegetables, standing along side the fish stall on the markets and then later supplying wholesale customers with a daily delivery service.

Today the third generation of the family still stand on the local markets selling fresh & frozen fish, shellfish, smoked fish, fruit, vegetables & delicatessen. Carrick's  continue to deliver to their wholesale customers, supplying to some of the best known restaurants, pubs & hotels in North Yorkshire using refrigerated vans & delivering the finest selection of fresh produce. It was the idea of the third generation of the family to open an Especially Fine Food  Shop at their premises at Snape. This was due to the extended queues that used to build in their production areas. Now after nearly 90 years of business Carrick's have a very extensive product range that they enjoy preparing & sharing with their customers.

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